How to go Cox's Bazar

How to go Cox's Bazar 

To talk about Cox's Bazar Sea Beach, it comes to mind that it is the largest beach in the world and the most popular tourist destination in Bangladesh. The 120-kilometer-long Akhand A Sea Beach is bound by the ups and downs of the foreign tourists of foreign countries and the enchanting sunshine. Let's go to Cox's Bazar's travel plans, the way to go, where to stay, where to eat, and all the different things to travel to Cox's Bazar.

Best time to visit Cox's Bazar
Generally, everyone chose the winter for Cox's Bazar tour. But Cox's Bazar is a place where you can visit any time of the year. From time to time, nature has changed, that form of nature is influenced by Cox's Bazar. To get a taste differently, in Jhum rains or autumn blue sky, Cox's Bazar, or a full moon night of autumn, Cox's Bazar will surely fascinate you. And yes, if you go outside the winter time, you will get a benefit. Starting from hotel rents, almost everything will reduce prices.

How to go Travel from Dhaka to Cox's Bazar, roads, rail, and air routes. Among the buses of Cox's Bazar, Dhaka, S. Alam Mercedes Benz, Green Line, Hanif Enterprise, Shyamoli Transport, Sohag Transport, S. Alam Transportation, Modern Lines etc. are notable. Between classes ranges from 900 to 2000 taka per seat for buses.

If you want to travel to Cox's Bazar from Dhaka to Dhaka, you can travel from Kamalapur or Airport Railway Station to Sonar Bangla, Suborn Express, Torna Nishetha, Metropolitan Pravati / Godhuli, Chittagong Mail. Then there will be different types of living and quality living in the new bridge area of ​​Chittagong or from Alam, Hanif, Unique etc. from Dampara Bast Stand. Rent between buses 280 to 550 taka.

Besides, several aircraft including Biman Biman, Navoyaar, US Bangla are operating direct flights from Dhaka to Cox's Bazar. Apart from this, you can reach Cox's Bazar on the way to Chittagong by road.

Ramu Buddhist Vihara

Where to stay Cox's Bazar hotels have a current holding capacity of around 150,000 people. So, without booking the off-season, there is a guarantee of a room in the hotel, but it is better to book the advance by December 15 to January 15. Usually, Cox's Bazar Hotel / Motel / Resorts can be divided into three categories.

6000 to 10.000 taka: Marmaid Beach Resort, Simon Beach Resort, Ocean Paradise, Long Beach, Cox Today, Heritage etc. 3,000 to 6,000 taka Sea Palace, Seagull, Coral Reef, Chital Resort, Islandia, Beach View, Sea Crown, Un Resort etc. 800 to 3,000: Urmi Guest House, Coral Reef, Ikra Beach Resort, Express, Media In, Kallol, Hanimun Resort, Nilima Resort etc.

Radiant fish world

But hotels are reduced to less than the prices mentioned above, in that case, a search has to be done a little earlier. The hotel fares in offsite are generally less than half. If you have time to go to Cox's Bazar and find a hotel with a bargain good. If you want to stay at a hotel or resorts at a lower price, you can look for a hotel on the opposite side of the long beach hotel on the opposite side of the beach. The rent is generally lower than the distance between the Beach and the Main Road. Should not be consulted by rickshaw pullers or CNGWarts in finding hotels. If needed, information can be collected from the hotel's Facebook page or website.

Inani Sea Beach
what will you do Tide with the fierce seawater of the ocean, attracting you to the rocks of Zuban or the trenching sand bed. Walking on the beach, Rhodesia in the sea water and breathtaking scenes of sunlight will give mental peace every moment. Of course, before leaving the ocean, be careful and know the tide. If you have time, then you can buy a memorial gift from a Burmese market near the beach for the loved ones.

If you want to enjoy the whole of the sea, then you must spend time at sunrise and sunset. You will surely be fascinated by the different colors of the Samudra beach in the dazzling light of the morning. If you are in full time, you can spend the evening on the beach.
Beach photographer can take great moments to keep them in memory. For speed of 100 to 250 rupees, you can ride the speedboat with the waves of the stormy waves. In the afternoon, you can come out of the Inani beech or the Himchori waterfall. You can also visit your time and according to the rules of Maheshkhali, Kutubdia, Ramu's Buddhist temple, Teknaf or Sent. Martin.

Sentmartin Island
What do you want to eat 

There are all types of restaurants and restaurants in Cox's Bazar. It is worth mentioning that the middle-class budget restaurant includes Rodeela, Jhaban, Dhansiri, Paushi, Niribili etc. Like many other things, according to the season, the price of food may be less / high. And the KFC is there.


Alert and Travel Tips Take the cooperation of the tourist police in any trouble. Hotline +088017 6969 0740 Visit Cox's Bazar for low-cost travels Bid properly for buying and traveling in any of the things Ask the price before some food at some restaurant Before fixing the hotel, check out the hotel well Get in the sea due to the tide and tide Tourist places in Cox's Bazar.


If you go to Cox's Bazar, not just beach, you will see some other places nearby. You can plan your time and convenience according to where you want to travel. Among the tourist attractions are:

Himchari Inani Sea Beach Maheshkhali Ramu Buddhist Vihara Radiant fish world Sentmartin Island