How to Go Nami Island At South Korea

How to Go NamiIsland

One of the best places to visit in the autumn of Korea is Namie Island (남이섬). The half-moonland's size is 4,62,809 square meters. Located in Chunche, about 63 kilometers away from Seoul, this island is considered one of the best tourist spots in Korea. Thousands of tourists visit the island every day. Excellent natural scene is the main attraction of this island. In addition to the leaves of the color of the color, there is a lot of opportunities to enjoy the tourists including the camping area, swimming pool, shooting, ruler skating rink on the island.

In 1944, Chingpong Damai (청평댐), built for the North Han River, was later known as Nami Island. This island is named after the name of General Naomi, the famous Judas regime of Korea. General Nami's grave on this island. In the reign of King Seju of the Seventh King of Jusan (1455 ~ 1468), General Nami led the enemies, but at the age of 28, they were killed in false accusation.

How to go: Bus: From Seoul to Shuttle bus to go to Namie Island.

1. Insadong (Junagak station [종각역], subway 1 number line, Exit 3) Bus buses leaving the thermal park. The bus left at nine in the morning. Booking can be given on this number 02-753-1247
2. Jamshil [잠실역] station (subway number 2, exit 4) leave the bus in front of Lotte Mart. The bus left at nine in the morning. Booking can be given on this number 02-753-1247

Subway: In the subway, Khyung Chun (경춘선) line must go to the station (가평역) station. Take the map below to go to Seoul. From Khapayong station to go to Ferryghat to Nami Island on Bus / Tex. It takes 10 minutes. Rent will cost 4 thousand rupees.

Entry Fee (Including Fare Fare and Tax Include): - Adult- 10,000 bucks. - Senior Citizen (above 70 years of age) and disabled - 8000 wounds. - Children (3 ~ 13 years) -4000 Ferry movement time: 7am to 9:30 pm in the morning. 9am to 9pm - 6pm- 10-20 minutes later.

Travel time: go all year round. But the best time from May to October is the best time. Address: 1024, Bukhangangbyeon-ro, Gapyeong-eup, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do 경기도 가평군 가평읍 북한 강변 로 1024 1330 tt call center: + 82-31-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese) For more Info: + 82-31-580-8114, 82-31-580-8008 Website: