How To Go Namsan Seoul Tower (N Tower)

How To Go Namsan Seoul Tower (N Tower)

Namsan Tower is a tower of 243 meters high on the Namsan hill in Seoul. An attractive tourist spot near the visitors and people living here in Korea. This tower is also known as Seoul Tower and N Towers.

From this Tower can be seen from the whole of Seoul city and its surroundings. From the top of the tower to the city view, there is a distance from Seoul to other cities of the world. Which can be easily estimated a distance of 2 places.

Since the opening of the public on October 15, 1980, thousands of visitors come to see this tower. 2005, it has been upgraded with improved illumination.

Under this tower, there are numerous lanes of a stack in a place, where lovers and lovers visit the new lock so that their relationship does not get disconnected. There is also an entertainment system besides a local foreign restaurant. Many people think of it as one of Asia's finest towers.

You can go to the Namsan Tower in the following ways.

02 No bus (02 번 남산 순환 버스)
- 3/4 Number of lines on the Chongmuro station (총무 로 역) 2 number exit
- Number three line of the Dongguk station (동대입구역) 6 no exit

03 No bus (03 번 남산 순환 버스)
- Seoul station of Seoul (1/8) line (서울역) 9 exit
- Itaewon station of the 6th line (이태원역) 4 exit
Hanngangjin Station of the 6th Line (한강 진역) 2 exit
05 No bus (05 번 남산 순환 버스)
- Number 4 at the Miyangdong Station (명동역) number 3 of Exit
- 3/4 Number of stations at Chongmuro station (총무 로 역) 2 number exit

Access Fee:
-Town Observatory (see above from Seoul) Access fee- 9000 Won.
-Tady beer museum-8000 Won
Together with Tower Observatory + Teddy Bear Museum 14000 Won
Different fees apply for kids.