How to go two Islands of Incheon

How to go two Islands of Incheon

South Korean port city in Incheon will be a meeting place of local and foreign tourists, the Northwestern Korean city will become. Let's go ahead in Asia, let's get acquainted with this ride, about the two islands considered as the spectacular sights of Inch.

Wolmido: Wolmido means half chandrabara. Nomenclature based on the size of the island. Wolmido's position is less than one kilometer away from the coast of Incheon. The island is connected to the mainland through a highway. Because of its close proximity to Seoul and easy transport, it is said that the Wolmido holiday is a major destination for the Koreans.
Notable spots of the island include Doodle Pillar, Meeting Square, Arts Square, Performance Square, Good Harvest Square, Owlemi Park, Water Fountain etc. Various exhibitions throughout the area If you want, you can also draw a picture of yourself with mobile artists. Many restaurants of marine and typical food are arranged in a row aligned with two sides of the road. There is also a chance for a trek around the island by boat.

There is no place to go to Wolmido, a theme park named 'Play Hill'. The Korean theme park is not as big as the park, but quite interesting. Apollo Disco and Viking Ride can go on a holiday to get out of the romance.

How to go: The subway train will get a bus stop, leaving the station at the Incheon station (Seoul subway line 1). All the buses of 2, 15, 23, 45 routes go to Walmido. From station to taxi.

Ganhwado: It is the fifth longest island of Korea located in the West Sea. Ganhwados consists of 28 islands of 99 kilometers long coastline, out of which 11 people live and 17 are unoccupied. The  Ganhwado Connection Bridge has now become part of the mainland.

Because of the existence of people from prehistoric times, there are very many archaeological patterns. Guindal stone, recognized by Treasure of the World's Calcutta. The graveyard of  Ganhwado's rulers in Gandalf's tomb It can be found that some of the earliest memoirs of the Korean giant Danugunwang, whose lifetime is considered as Korea's birthplace. If you reach the summit of Manzan Mountain, you can see the West Sea and the whole island. It is said that in this pinnacle, Danangun devoted to heaven and performed religious rituals.
There are several locally produced products in Khanghoa. One of them is the most famous herbalist,  Ganhwa Xinxiang, the famous  Ganhwa mud of Arab taste and a Korean designer trader Hoymunasak, who is involved in complex designs in flower design.
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How to go:
# Go to the Sinchan Station (Seoul subway line 2) on the subway train and get the GS 25 Convenience Store by going through the no. 1 gate and minutes five. From the front of the bus to 3000 or 3100, you can reach the  Ganhwa Intercity Bus Terminal. A bus will be available: - The first one is from 5:40 to 11 pm (15-20 minutes) and the second is from 6am to 8pm (15-20 mins).

Get on the Yongdongpo station by taking the #Korean Train Express (KTX). Buses of 1 and 88 will reach the intersection bus terminal. A bus will be available from 5:30 am to 11:40 pm (15-20 mins) from 5 am to 4 pm (one and a half hour).