How to visit Everland in South Korea

How to visit Everland in South Korea

'Korea's most happy place'
'If you have an opportunity to go to Korea, you will definitely go to Everland!'
South Korea's largest theme park in Yong'an, in Kyongidō, returned to the park and reacted in such a way that two foreign tourists Last year alone, the number of visitors in the park was 66 lakhs. Everland was ranked 13th among the world's amusement parks to witness the number of visitors during that year. Let's get acquainted with the first Family Entertainment Center of Korea's 'Korea Tour' section.
Everland started its formal journey in 1976. Initially, its name was 'Jayen Nonguan', which can be a 'natural farm'. Afterward, the responsibility of managing the park was changed to 'Samsung Everland' universal contact name Everland.
The whole arrangement of the Everland can be divided into several categories.

Everland's roller coaster name is T-Express. Considering the speed, it is the fastest roller coaster in Asia. On the way of flight, T-Express bends up to 77 degrees, which is the highest in the world. At 104 feet height of 187 feet, if your heart clears away your heart, then you will not take responsibility!

Jig Moule (지구 마을)
Jigu mall's translation of the world village stands. Developed in California's Disney Land, this 'Village' has enhanced the tradition, culture, natural beauty, historical monuments and anthropological identity of more than twenty nations in the world. The traditions of different countries on the water have been decorated with extraordinary artistic artwork. Visitors will get an extraordinary feeling in this Vishramagar Bhawan.

Everland's mainland is divided into five zones
Global Fair
Global Fair is a huge market connected with Jig Mall. Variety foods and assorted souvenirs are available in the Bahari-Saj's store and restaurant.

The name suggests that it is a zoo in straight Bengal. Zoo-Topia is divided into two categories: Safari World and Lost Valley. See very close to the first one
Milk tigers, tigers, lions, bear etc. The Lost Valley is primarily grassland wildlife. Here you can eat your well-loved giraffe!

European adventure
This area of Everland has many European restaurants. Every establishment here has been promoted in various European traditions. The T-Express mentioned earlier is part of this romance. Another main attraction here, Ghosts can be shot in Mystery Mansion! Four Season Gardens have a variety of monsoon flowers.

Magic Land
Bara establishment and a huge collection of rides. Based on Isha's stories, an Ishpakar village has been built.
American adventure
In this part of the history of the Americas-tradition, there are also arranged rides. Eagle castle and roadway can be found in the wild thrill. Rock Wil has been developed in the fifties of the decade of America and American music of that time. Double-rock spins can be enjoyed by the various live shows of 'Live'. In this area, another roller coaster X-Train in the park will be mounted.

How to go:

Everland Shuttle buses can be found at Everland Station at Everland Station in the subway of Everline (에버 라인). Shuttle buses will be available from around 5:30 am to 12:30 in the morning.

1. Sinnonhyeon Station, Khannam Station, Yangjae Station - Bus No 5002
2. Pangyo, Segok-dong, Suseo Station, Songpa Station, Jamsil Station, Gangbyeon Station - Bus No 5700
3. Sadang Station, Nambu Terminal - Bus No 1500-2
4. Gongbyeon Station, Kangdong Station (Gangdong) - Bus No. 1113
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